"Little is Devilishly Angelic"

- Joel Timmel

The Timmel Collection

 "I love Little's work.

It is so poetic and strange..."

- Djordje Varda 

"Wendy Little has a wonderful sense

for gothic art.   Her work shows incredible 

strength and vulnerability.  

The beauty and drama in her

pieces are breathtaking." 

- The Estate of William Castle

Producer - Rosemary's Baby

Director/Producer - Macabre, The Tingler,

The House on Haunted Hill, Thirteen Ghosts,

Strait-Jacket, & I Saw What You Did


 "There is a lot to like with respect to Little's work, 

most strikingly her photographs."

- Leslie Barany

H.R. Giger 's Agent

 Owner of Barany Artists

 "Initially, Wendy's dark Gothic images caught my eye,

but as I looked further at her  work, I was also impressed 

by her bright, colorful landscapes." 

 - Dacre C. Stoker 

Co-Author of DRACUL

Great Grandnephew of Bram Stoker, Author of Dracula  

 "Very lovely art.  

I love Little's dark pieces.

They remind me of the old horror films,

where your imagination takes

you to the depths of ultra-fright."

- Shannon MacDonald 

Beatles Artist 

 "Caught between nightmare and fantasy,

Wendy Little wakes us from our 

sweaty slumber with a thump in the dark.  

In a world of gypsy curses and

black-utopian futures, her sharp eye

directs us toward what to look at

and what we should turn

away from in fear."

- Captive Elements Art House

Lewiston, Maine